Final Online Meeting of the VETENTRE project

Almost two years after the project’s kick-off meeting, the partnership has gathered again in a final online meeting on Friday, November 25th 2022. With the same spirit and excitement, partners discussed the last steps of the project and further steps to ensure the sustainability and future impact of the project beyond its completion.

All partners agreed to actively apply the project outcomes and products in their practices after the project has ended; additionally, all material developed by the VETENTRE consortium will be freely accessible by different means to anyone interested as well as on the project’s platform at:

VETENTRE, kick-off in December 2020 aiming to support VET educators to design programmes and activities that promote the entrepreneurial mindset of trainees. The project developed a set of resources for VET educators and trainers, as well as adult educators, and other trainers to empower VET educators to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and to make VET education more attractive across Europe, focusing on the entrepreneurial skills of trainers and their ability to design programmes and activities for learners. In the two years of implementation, the VETNTRE partners actively engaged VET trainers, VET providers, adult educators, education policymakers, academics, and specialists in all partner countries to identify and document the national and European needs and to ensure the relevance of the project’s results.

For more information on the VETENTRE project, you can visit the project’s website at, or on the project’s Facebook page at