E-learning platform for developing the entrepreneurial competences of VET trainers

The VETENTRE project consortium has developed an e-learning platform with a fully self-paced gamified e-learning course to develop the entrepreneurial competences of VET trainers. Through online training modules, the platform focuses on developing the entrepreneurial competences of VET trainers, adult educators and trainers and supports them to design programmes and activities that promote entrepreneurial thinking based on the EntreComp framework. The e-learning space also hosts an online library of useful resources relevant to EU priorities and policies related to VET, as well as resources relevant to the needs of the VET sector in general.

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The VETENTRE team worked very hard over the past year to compile the content of the modules and the e-learning platform experts at Innovade LI developed it online. VETENTRE partners have conducted a series of pilots in Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Spain to test and evaluate the e-learning space and the online course with VET trainers and adult educators in each country in order to collect valuable feedback to finalise this output.

The VETENTRE Online Training course consist of 12 interactive units, divided into the following four sections:

  1. Theoretical framework and key Entrepreneurship competences
  2. Learning design strategies for integrating EntreComp in VET
  3. Assessment of entrepreneurship competences in VET
  4. Identification of the main digital tools that can be used within VET
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The E-learning Platform and training course are available in English, German, Greek, and Spanish. The platform and training course can be accessed both from a PC or a mobile device, on the project’s platform at: http://elearning.vetentre.eu/.

For more information on the VETENTRE project, you can visit the project’s website at vetentre.eu, or on the project’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/VETEntre/.