The workshop “Entrepreneurial competences in vocational training”.

On November 16, 2022, the workshop “Entrepreneurial Competences in Vocational Education” took place in “Regional Vocational Training Center, Müritz”. 

The trainer of the VETENTRE consortium partner CEFE International, Dr. Gudrun Voggenreiter, presented the VETENTRE project to the participating teachers. In particular, the training material and curriculum developed by the consortium were the content of this workshop.

In group work, the teachers were able to try out the contents of the VETENTRE course. The VETENTRE learning platform was also presented to the participants and worked on interactively. Through the exercises and gamified content, the workshop was perceived by the participants as very lively and practical. In the final feedback round, it was emphasized in particular that the materials could be used very well in the classroom.