The role of VET in entrepreneurship

According to Scott-Kemmis (2017) the importance of entrepreneurship learning & teaching lies on the below:

  • there is evidence that entrepreneurship competences are important for career development and success, therefore these skills should be a key component of VET courses;
  • entrepreneurship skills require a strong focus on practice-based learning, therefore emphasis should be placed in building connections with existing entrepreneurship organisations of each VET institution;
  • the development of entrepreneurship competences of VET educators requires a continuous investment and involvement in entrepreneurial activities, as well as a continuous exposure to current regional and national entrepreneurship programmes;
  • learners’ support resources should include organisations, incubators, networks and mentoring bodies from the network of the VET organisation to ensure continuous exposure to external support;
  • the close linkage between VET providers and business organisations in entrepreneurship is vital for facilitating the use of real-world experiences for VET trainers and their learners.

Scott-Kemmis, D. (2017). The role of VET in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. NCVER. Adelaide. Available at: