Entrepreneurship Toolkit for VET educators
VETENTRE has developed a Toolkit for VET educators that includes resources for integrating entrepreneurship in VET and supporting VET educators to develop entrepreneurship competencies. The Toolkit is aligned with the national frameworks for VET and Entrepreneurship and the EntreComp Framework that was developed by the European Commission.

eLearning space and VET entrepreneurship gamified environment

An online gamified learning space with a series of scenarios/missions will be designed. This innovative tool is intended for VET professionals, trainers, mentors, VET organizations/institutions, to support them when teaching entrepreneurial skills.

VET and Entrepreneurship curricula
The curricula will include training modules and learning activities for infusing entrepreneurship in VET.

Policy recommendations report
A report will be prepared to provide evidence-based policy and practice recommendations, with recommendations derived from a stakeholder consultation and a focus group.