Agile management and entrepreneurship

Agile refers to responsive and adaptive methodology, accepting that change is inevitable and collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams is vital for the success of a project (Fowler & Highsmith, 2001). 

According to Mergel et al (2020) agile is not simply another approach to software development, but a mind-set that initiates cultural and organizational changes within an organization. They outlined how agile can contribute to a more effective administration based on agile principles that:

  • assume situations and requirements change over time;
  • privileges adaptive structures over hierarchies;
  • emphasizes responsible individual discretion over bureaucratic procedures;
  • pushes to abandon zero-failure culture and adopts self-reflective learning processes. 

Embracing agility is vital to an entrepreneur that deals constantly with change. 

Source: Kanbanize website, 2022 available here: