2023 Erasmus+ programme guide and some info sessions

You might already be aware that the programme guide for Erasmus+ has been published on 23 November.  See here: Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2023 | Erasmus+ (europa.eu)

There are approximately 495 million available for VET mobility, the highest budget ever dedicated to this purpose.

There are also around 200 million available for some specific actions targeted to VET, without counting all the other actions that are open to the VET sector 

See the info below.

The Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is organising some online info sessions for a variety of actions in the programme.

For Capacity building in VET there will be an info session on 7 December afternoon.

Link to webstreaming https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/info-day-capacity-building-for-vet-22-12-07

For the Centres of Vocational Excellence save the date for 27 January (in the morning) for the info session. The link to the webstreaming will be on the EACEA site under news and events (not available yet) News & Events (europa.eu)

Forward looking projects, with their new priorities on digital, VET and adult learning, will be presented in an info session at the end of January or early February.

The specific priorities under the Forward Looking Projects are:

  1. Digital education
    • Priority 1: Education technology (edTech): scaling up of EU-based solutions through cooperation and quality assurance
    • Priority 2: Effective pedagogical approaches on informatics for primary and secondary level of education
  • Priority 3: Teacher training and curriculum development in tackling disinformation and promoting digital literacy
  1. Vocational Education and Training
    • Priority 4 – Micro-credentials for employability
    • Priority 5 – Improving the attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training through partnerships and networks of VET providers
  2. Adult learning
    • Priority 6: Development of national registries of quality-assured and labour market relevant training opportunities
    • Priority 7: Supporting the Pact for Skills

Keep an eye on this Community for more information or on the EACEA site.

Source: https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/private/community-european-vet-practitioners-members-group/2023-erasmus-programme-guide-and-some