ideas. They are a source of inspiration for others, to whom they pass on their expertise.  C2 > Pioneer : Pioneers question the adequacy of contemporary digital and pedagogical practices, of which they are Leaders. They are concerned about the constraints or drawbacks of these practices and driven by the impulse to innovate education even further. Pioneers experiment with highly innovative and complex digital technologies and/or develop novel pedagogical approaches. Pioneers are a unique and rare species. They lead innovation and are a role model for younger teachers. Areas Leader (C1) Pioneer (C2) Professional Engagement Discussing And Renewing Professional Practice Innovating Professional Practice Digital Resources Comprehensively Using Advanced Strategies & Resources Promoting The Use Of Digital Resources Teaching And Learning Strategically & Purposefully Renewing Teaching Practice Innovating Teaching Assessment Critically Reflecting On Digital Assessment Strategies Innovating Assessment Empowering Learners Holistically Empowering Learners Innovating Learner Involvement Facilitating Learners' Digital Competence Comprehensively And Critically Fostering Learners' Digital Competence Using Innovative Formats To Foster Learners' Digital Competence References European Commission (2020). Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) : European Commission (N.D.). Digital skills and job platform / Training opportunities on digital skills and emerging technologies from all around Europe. Available at: https://digital-skills- European Training Foundation (2018). Digital skills and competence, and digital and online learning . Available at: 10/DSC%20and%20DOL_0.pdf Joint Research Centre (JRC), 2017. Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) . Available at: